Kawasaki Disease Answers, awareness and information on symptoms, treatments and tips for parents who have children suffering from KD

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Kawasaki Disease Answers, awareness and information on symptoms, treatments and tips for parents who have children suffering from KD

A parent's insight and tips

Your child feels terrible. Everywhere bloods flows in your child's body is inflamed and irritated. Imagine having a severe migraine headache, joint pain in the knees, hips, neck, fingers and toes as well as a horrible stomachache and discomfort everywhere. Your child may act out during this time and not behave as they normally do. This is because they feel so bad. Some children will not have many symptoms left after treatment and recover quickly, while others may take longer.

My best advice to any parent is to cater to the KD child's every need. If joint pain is present, put on a warm heating pad and give ibuprofen. If joint pain is persistent, a non-steroid anti-inflammatory such as Naprosyn can be prescribed. If your child's eyes are sensitive and sore, steroids drops can be prescribed for relief. Put sunglasses on the child when they are outdoors. If your child's stomach is bothering them, try a heating pad and Prilosec (Omeprazole) with your doctor's permission. You may want to try Pediasure drinks. You should also consider a pro-biotic such as Yum Yum Dophilus or FlorastorKids to help replace the good bacteria back in the stomach as soon as possible. The 81mg aspirin chewables come in orange and cherry flavor. Try crushing them and adding to juice, yogurt, applesauce, ice cream or a smoothie.

A few last comments and tips:
You should order all hospital records after discharge. There may be a small fee. You can also order the echo on VHS or DVD for a fee.

IVIG can cause the SED rate to remain falsely high until it leaves the system. Many doctors rely more on CRP test results after IVIG is administered.

IVIG can cause the small joints to swell and hurt (fingers, toes). This may cause discomfort until IVIG leaves the system (2 weeks to 2 months).

IVIG antibodies can live in the child's body for up to 11 months, so any live vaccination that is administered (i.e. chickenpox) will be surrounded and moved out of the body. It will not be effective and should be avoided during this time.

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